“I have been using Glorious Life Natural & Organic Soaps for a few months now and can honestly say it has to be one of the best products on the market. My skin feels “cleaner” and softer. The scents are very subtle. I have given soaps to friends and family as gifts with such positive reactions. This is a lovely little company.”  Nikki B.

” Just what I was looking for! It took an orange stain right out of my daughter’s dress. Love that it can travel well, too, with no worries about leaking.”  ~ Sarah

“Nothing but good things to say about this soap, and the lovely lady who made it. I asked her to replicate a face soap I’ve used for years that I could no longer buy and she did not replicate it she made it 100x better and it’s so much nicer on my skin than the old soap I used! I’m so happy I found this shop. The price I paid for an entire loaf was very reasonable and the loaf will last a long time. If you’re in need of a new face or body wash I highly recommend Andrea, she’s a magical soap wizard!” ~ Ilish T.

“Both my roommate and I love this. It’s gentle enough where I can use it every other shower and it won’t dry my sensitive skin, and literally leaves me squeaky clean. The cinnamon isn’t very strong but the light clean “soap” scent is delightful. One of the best soaps I’ve ever used, and the only one I can remember that doesn’t leave me feeling tight and itchy. 100% recommend, especially cuz of the price and sheer quantity!”

“So absorbent and easy to use! A staple in my kitchen.” [Re: Set of 4 UNPAPER Towels] ~ Bianca

“I received my order of 3 shampoo bars this morning. I was eager to try it so I took a shower as soon as I received them. WOW!!! Just had to write and say THANK YOU!! I have long hair and I usually have a hard time untangling my hair after washing it. NOT WITH YOUR SHAMPOO BARS!!! I was able to brush my hair without any tangles whatsoever as soon as I got out of the shower. Now that my hair is dry, I can feel that it’s silky soft and has a wonderful light smell that I love. You can be sure that I’ll tell all my friends about your great product end will be re-ordering for sure!!!” ~ Carole

“I love this stain stick! It’s pretty much magic. I’ve used it to get out various food stains from different types of fabric, and blood stains. My clothing and reusable pads have never been cleaner. It’s easy to use, and the packaging is recyclable. Would 100% buy again.” ~ Lily

“I love shopping here!  I’m a repeat customer and definitely will shop here again. Package arrives promptly and always smells wonderful!” ~ Sheena B.

“Totally in love with this soap [HIS Shave Soap]. It makes a great facial soap as well. Everything this shop makes is terrific.” ~ Sheena B.

“I use this [stain stick] on my cloth pads and it does an AMAZING job at removing even old stains!” ~ Victoria A.