How To Use Natural Soap


I think that the most common complaint about natural soap is that it can get mushy.

It’s true. It can get soft if not stored properly. But this is true of any soap bar isn’t it?

If you store it properly, let it dry and protect it from the mushy maker (water) your bar will have a longer more useful life.

That’s right, protect your soap bar from water.  Of course, it has to get wet when you use it, but the more you keep it out of contact with water the harder your bar will stay and the longer it will last.

There are a couple of precautions you can take to achieve this:

1. Keep it out of the stream of water as much as possible.

2. If using in the shower, keep it in the furthest corner away from the shower water.

3. Whether using in your shower, tub, or beside the sink, use a draining soap dish.

While all of these steps are important, I think the most important would be using a draining soap dish. It will keep your soap from sitting in a pool of water,

allow air to circulate around the bar and help to dry it between uses, thus, helping your bar to stay hard and last longer.

So there you have it. Three easy steps to protect your natural soap from getting soft.

There are many styles of draining soap dishes out there to choose from,

but here’s what we use, make,  and offer in our shop:

Wood Soap Deck – Draining Soap Dish