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Litterless Lunches

Every single piece of plastic created still exists somewhere on this earth.  And as it ever so slowly breaks down, its toxins pollute the air, earth, plants, animals, wildlife, and humans. It’s effect on the health of the environment and all its inhabitants is proving to be devastating.  Plastic has offered us many conveniences, and affordable conveniences, but at an atrocious cost.

In order to save our environment and all earth’s beings, it is imperative that we take active steps to eliminate or at least greatly reduce the amount of plastic we produce, utilize, and discard.

Eliminating our use of plastic ‘cold turkey’ may seem impossible, and may even be painful to some.  But taking small steps towards big changes can make them more easily attainable, one little change at a time.

Changing how you pack your lunch is just one way you can work towards a plastic free life on a day to day basis.

There are many ways to tackle the plastic free lunch,  but here’s how my family does it:


It takes a little planning, time, and adjustment. But a plastic free lunch is totally doable and makes a huge daily impact on the amount of waste we pollute the earth with.

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Natural Ingredient Solid Dish Soap

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free Bread Recipe

Have you ever tried to find a loaf of store bought bread that is gluten free, dairy free, & egg free?

I searched…and searched, and searched.  When my search was unsuccessful, I switched gears and started looking for a recipe.

And when I still couldn’t find what I was looking for, I made my own.

It took a few tries to get the recipe just right, but after more than a year baking this loaf, my family won’t likely eat store bought bread again (even if we could find one that is gluten free, dairy free, and egg free).

Our recipe makes 2 loaves, which lasts our family of four 2 days.

 It can be refrigerated, but we find it keeps it’s texture better just sitting on the counter in a bread bag.

Any longer than 2 days and the crust starts to get a bit hard but it’s still delicious, and of course, that’s perfect for making bread crumbs or croutons.

I found that the loaves were too large for any of the containers we had.

…and because we’re trying to reduce our use of plastic and our eco-footprint, I sewed these awesome little reusable cotton bread bags (pictured above), which can be found in the Homewares section of the Glorious Life shop (here) along with a few other fabric options.


I’m happy to share this recipe with you all.

It’s honestly makes a very good loaf of gluten free, dairy free, egg free bread.

Even my selective eater kidlets give it a thumbs up.




Natural Ingredient Solid Dish Soap

Welcome to Glorious Life

Welcome to the Glorious Life Blog!


Let me introduce myself, and introduce you to Glorious Life.

I’m a plant loving, gluten free, natural living mama with a desire to reduce my eco-footprint and make healthier choices about what I put on my family’s skin. Out of these choices and way of living, my handmade business, Glorious Life, was born. In 2013 Glorious Life began offering some of my favourite handmade products to help you reduce your eco-footprint and make healthier choices as well.